To make ending the system of corruption in Washington DC
the #1 issue during the 2016 NH Presidential Primary.

The USA is "Lesterland."

  • In order to run for office, candidates for Congress and members of Congress must raise large amounts of money.  Without that money, candidates cannot run a serious campaign.

  • The only way (currently) to get that money is to beg from a very, very small slice of America: less than 150,000 people. (o r about the same amount of people named "Lester" in the United States.)

  • This makes candidates dependent upon the funders in order to get elected. 

  • It is as if there was a "money primary" where only a very small, very exclusive number of people got to vote.

This is a "system of corruption"

This is not bribery, or quid pro quo. 

It is not illegal "corruption."

But the dependence upon the funders creates a "corruption" of the mission of Congress. 

Members of Congress have a duty to serve the People.

But they have an incentive to serve the Funders.

Why we need reform:

Until we once again make Congress more dependent upon the People than they are upon the Funders:

  • Sensible policies (on any issue) will not be enacted.

  • Politicians will focus on the needs of special interests and crony capitalists.

  • Promising candidates will be discouraged from running for office

  • Politicians will secure funds by manipulating regulations.

  • Funders will secure regulations by manipulating funds. 

Why New Hampshire?

  • New Hampshire is home to Doris "Granny D" Haddock who walked across the country at the age of 88 to bring attention to the issue of money in politics.

  • New Hampshire voters are independent and pragmatic.

  • Article 10 of the New Hampshire state Constitution expressly protects citizens' "right of revolution." 

  • New Hampshire holds the first in the nation Presidential primary.  

What Is The Strategy?

  • We are walking in New Hampshire each January to bring attention to our primary mission. Between these walks each January we will be holding regional walk events.

  • We are recruiting 50,000 citizens to petition the 2016 presidential primary candidates to tell us how they will fix the system of corruption in Washington, D.C.

  • We are asking every presidential candidate, "How are YOU going to end the system of corruption in Washington, D.C.?" 

  • We have a comprehensive speakers bureau of speakers like this one. We are inviting each of you to participate as a speaker to help us meet our mission.

NH January 2014 Walk


  • Total Walkers: 207 

  • New Supporters: 10,739 

  • Estimated Media Reach: 3,287,564

  • Estimated N.H. Media Reach: 625,056 

NH Seacoast Walk: Saturday, July 5th

  • Just over 500 walkers walked joined in this non-partisan walk.

  • Received regional, and statewide press coverage.

  • Covered 16 miles from Hampton Beach to the historic Fort Constitution.

  • Interacted with hundreds along the walk.

NH January 2015 Walk

  • Four different routes from across the state, totaling 300 miles

  • Approximately 500 walkers (for a total distance of 12,081 miles walked) 

  • Coldest temperature on the walk was minus 37°F

    A Look At Our January 2014 Walk


      2014 Seacoast Walk


        "Why we walk": January 2015 


          What YOU can do

          to help fix the system of corruption.

          Ask candidates, when you see them, to answer this question:

          "What specific reforms will you advance to end the corrupting influence of money in politics?"

          Other things you can do:

          Please view this handout at: nhrebellion.org/speakersburea


          THANK YOU!

          Thank you for what you are doing!

          It is energy like yours that will
          make all the difference!

          NHRebellion Speakers Bureau Presentation

          By Jeff McLean

          NHRebellion Speakers Bureau Presentation

          NHRebellion Speakers Bureau Presentation

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