To make ending the system of corruption in Washington DC
the #1 issue during the 2016 NH Presidential Primary.

Why New Hampshire?

  • Doris: Open Democracy affiliation

  • New Hampshire voters are independent and pragmatic.

  • Article 10 of the New Hampshire state Constitution expressly protects citizens' "right of revolution." 

  • First in the nation Presidential primary.  

Current Strategy?

  • Walking in New Hampshire each January to bring attention to our primary mission. Between these walks each January holding regional walk events.

  • Recruiting 50,000 citizens to petition the 2016 presidential primary candidates to tell us how they will fix the system of corruption in Washington, D.C. Combined with "Missing Voices"

  • The Question: "How are YOU going to end the system of corruption in Washington, D.C.?" 

  • Speakers bureau

Is it working?

We have just over 300 people registered for January walk and have yet to start publicizing heavily.

A Look At Our July 5th Walk


NH Seacoast Walk: Saturday, July 5th

  • Just over 500 walkers walked joined in this non-partisan walk.

  • Received regional, and statewide press coverage.

  • Covered 16 miles from Hampton Beach to the historic Fort Constitution.

  • Interacted with hundreds along the walk.


The Presidential Tracker (a.k.a. "Questioner")

The Presidential Tracker can run from any smartphone that can take video and upload it to the web.

NHR "rebels" will form teams - one to ask the question, the other to record the response.  

The responses will then be sent to the NHR internal YouTube account and publish all of the candidate's responses (or non-responses.)  

What YOU can do

to help fix the system of corruption.

Ask candidates, when you see them, to answer this question:

"What will you do to solve the system of corruption in Washington?"

A Look At Our July 5th Walk


Advisory Meeting 9/12

By Jeff McLean

Advisory Meeting 9/12

NHRebellion Advisory Meeting 9/12

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